Pitch Vitality Scan

What we offer:

With our ‘Pitch Vitality Scan’ we offer a complete screening of the pitch. This screening will give a credible insight into the main influences that are accountable for the pitch, it’s presentation and it’s performance.

The Pitch Vitality Scan is an intensive scan based on a proper preparation and a one-week visit where we will measure the required parameters needed for a perfect pitch. Afterwards we will do the analysis, reporting and presenting the results.


Regarding performance we will execute tests on:

  • Hardness/Firmness
  • Compaction
  • Grip
  • Turf structure

Grass Growth

Regarding grass growth we will execute tests on:

  • Climate
  • Stadium

Within a timespan of one week we will evaluate several key aspects of your stadium as a whole and its influences on the pitch. We’ll place sensors, collect images, and gain insights from the grass-team. Al of this combined will explain why certain events or problems occur or keep coming back and a plan how to come to the perfect pitch.


As a result of the Pitch Vitality Scan we will deliver:

  • A report with data analyses and results based on the measurements in your stadium
  • A report of the analysis of the soil samples (we will take samples for detailed analyses in one of the labs of our partner in the Netherlands).
  • Recommendations regarding performance as well as grass growth
  • A proposal for next phase: implementation of the Perfect Pitch

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