Perfect Pitch

What we offer:

With our ‘Perfect Pitch,’ we supply the measurement tools, climate sensors and analytical support to maintain a perfect pitch year-round. Based on the ‘Pitch Vitality Scan’ and the customers wishes custom made measuring and monitoring plan will be made.

The local pitch crew will be trained and supported with measuring and registering data in the personalized (mobile) app and dashboard. This platform makes it possible to keep track of the situation and target values. We will offer support with a weekly analysis, report and advice based on the results and our predictive models.



Regarding performance, you will gain a consistent improvement in:

  • Hardness/Firmness
  • Compaction
  • Grip
  • Turf structure
  • Ball roll and rebound

Grass Growth

Regarding grass growth will gain insights and/or improvements in:

  • Stadium climate and potential improvements to be made
  • Efficiency in lighting, watering and fertilizing
  • Grass coverage, colour, and vitality

Based on your wishes and problem areas with the pitch or stadium, we can customize this package to meet your requirements and development goals. New innovative techniques can be added and/or developed to evaluate your pitch.


As a result of the Perfect Pitch we will deliver:

  • A weekly report with data analyses and results and recommendations based on the measurements in your stadium
  • Year-round support to your local pitch crew
  • Support in research, development and the implementation of innovation in your stadium or on its pitch

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