Perfect Pitch & Concerts

What we offer:

With our ‘Perfect Pitch and Concerts’ we offer you the knowledge and methods, experience and growth models to successfully cover the pitch for big events or concerts. Gras coverage and vitality will be maintained due to specialized treatment and by adapting the stadiums growing climate before and after the concerned events.


As a result of the ‘Perfect Pitch & Concerts’ we will deliver:

  • A customized agronomic growth plan based on the analyses and results of:
    • The measurements in your stadium
    • The current climate conditions
    • Type of event and coverage
    • HI-sports’ growth models
  • Support in project management and realisation of the adapted maintenance schedules.
  • A report to assess:
    • The whole proceeded coverage
    • The status of the pitch after the event
    • Maintenance tasks and schedule to ensure fast recovery of the pitch

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