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HI Sports has developed an innovative system to be able to maintain the pitch in a data-driven way, by making the relation between the grass and the performance of the game and the players. With launching customer Johan Cruijff ArenA and AJAX, this system is currently rolled out to KNVB and well known others.

The system collects data from sensors in- as well as above the ground and predicts the quality of the pitch. The grass team uses the dashboard for proactive maintenance as well as cost reduction.

The system incorporates the biology of the grass, sensor technology and data modelling and analytics. Benefits of the system are a perfect pitch, fewer pitch replacements, a learning model for predictive pitch development as well as maintenance and last but not least: reduced costs.

Pitch Vitality Scan

With our ‘Pitch Vitality Scan’, we offer a complete screening of the pitch. This screening will give a credible insight into the main influences that are accountable for the pitch, it’s presentation and it’s performance.


Perfect Pitch

To be able to realize the perfect pitch we will realize together with the grass team the complete systems of sensor technology, data collection and modelling as well as the implementation of the dashboard and the player feedback system.


Perfect Pitch & Concerts

The module Perfect Pitch & Concerts is a logical follow-up where the dashboard is used to stabilize the pitch before as well as activate the pitch after the concert.


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